vacation home in Whistler

Choosing between Whistler hotels or vacation homes?

January 5, 2022

Whether the snow is falling or the songbirds are singing, when mountains call – we listen. This innate drive to wild places is why the term ‘living for the weekend’ came to be and if gravity was an emotional response, it would pull us to places like Whistler.  

When it’s all playing out in your mind, whether it’s the scent of pine wafting through the mountain air, or snowflakes fashioned into snowballs, or gently paddling across pristine lakes it can become nearly insatiable. Maybe you can make it this weekend, you tell yourself. Rushing to enlist the assistance of Siri, you blurt out “Whistler” as fast as you can…but falter before completing your query. Whistler…hotel or Whistler vacation home?

Choosing when to go, and where to stay in Whistler, are the two most important questions you can ask yourself.

Should you book a Whistler Hotel or a Vacation Home?

It’s understandable that in the past people opted to stay in hotels and motels, inns and B&Bs. You’ve been looking forward to this vacation after months, and even years of working hard, day in, day out. You’ve come to expect the perks of room service, daily housekeeping and valet parking  But what if you have a family, or want more privacy, or need a kitchen?

Whistler Hotel in the heart of Whistler Village

Comparing Comforts & Conveniences

But, the pitfalls of a hotel over a vacation home? You can’t wear your slippers to the breakfast table, or leave your fishing pole resting on the back door. You might get a funny look or two if you order a Caesar before noon. And you’ll have to wear a shirt for dinner, too. Plus, you can’t flip your own burger from the grill on the back deck. 

It’s a little hard to pretend that you’re basking in YOUR home away from home. And, after all, that’s half the allure of the mountain getaway. Breaking from reality. Besides, feeling like a tourist wasn’t what you had in mind. You want to feel like a local. You want a Whistler vacation home.

So, it’s back to Siri…

Enjoy space at this Whistler Vacation home with yard and hot tub

Family-friendly Whistler Vacation Homes

When it comes to searching for the perfect Whistler vacation home for your family, it helps to envision the memories you want to make. Pair up the things you love so much about being home with distinct elements that will make your stay feel especially Whistler-esque.

How to choose where to stay in Whistler

Do you want to hole up in a cabin and forget the rest of the world exists? Then, you might prioritize a spacious kitchen, a big backyard, or even a private hot tub. Nearby lakes and hiking trails might be appealing, too.

Or, maybe a jumping-off point holds the most appeal. Perhaps a cozy abode that lands you within walking distance of Whistler Village. Or, a luxury condo that boasts ski-in, ski-out access, pools, and gyms just steps from the front door.

Whatever it is, Whistler Platinum has over 20 years of industry experience. Not to mention oodles of properties to peruse. There must be something perfect for you.

Snowy exterior of a Whistler Vacation Home

Winter Deals & Packages for Whistler Vacation Homes 

Odds are you’re already saving yourself a bundle by checking your family into a Whistler vacation home, rather than a hotel. And we’re talking about saving money, time, stress, and hassle!

Last-minute & Long-term Whistler Vacation Homes

Whatever it is, it’s easy to solve the time, stress, and hassles simply by achieving that home away from home vibe. As for the money, cooking in and avoiding valet say it all. But, we know you want to snag a killer deal. 

So, why not lean into 20% off on last-minute deals? You wanted to go this week, right? Grab a mid-week stay deal! Or, how about upgrading the three-night stay to a month away? Working remotely has never been easier and you can save big by booking a longer stay.

Ski in ski out Whistler vacation rental

Still need a little guidance? Let’s have a chat! Our Whistler-based company is made up of locals here to help you plan a unique holiday. From dinner parties prepared in your home by private chefs, to unforgettable dog-sledding adventures across Whistler’s untouched backcountry, our team is on hand to plan your perfect getaway.

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