image of electric biking on the road

Electric Biking

Electric bikes or e-bike are equipped with a motor and battery pack for assistance with pedalling. The use of an e-bike allows you to travel further using less energy in a given day.

E-bikes are a great way to explore Whistler Village and the Valley Trail network. They are also a great form of transportation if you choose to leave your vehicle at home during your stay. The use of an e-bike can easily double your speed, making for quick trips and travel around town.

Some other e-bike ideas:

  • Exploring the entire Valley Trail network
  • Visiting Whistler’s lakes, beaches and parks
  • Pick up supplies at the Whistler Farmers’ Market then heading to a park for a picnic
  • Check out the patios, cafes and shops in Creekside and Function Junction

E-bikes for mountain biking

Given our location in Whistler, e-biking has also transcended into the mountain bike community. Full suspension e-bikes are available for assisted touring on Whistler’s large mountain bike trail network. The e-bike allows you to see more terrain and saves your legs during hilly ascents.

E-biking Etiquette

E-bike users should be extra cautious when using public trails as these bikes are capable of reaching faster speeds than a regular bicycle. Please note when using a public trail be mindful of your speed and obey trail etiquette protocols.