Zipline Tours

Zip-trekking over Whistler involves moving from treetop to treetop while attached to a cable via a full-body harness. The harnesses attach to a zip pulley via two tethers (one main and one backup) that hang suspended from a half inch galvanized cable. The cable trail is connected to landing platforms. The series of cable cords and suspension bridges move riders over gaping gorges and ice framed rivers. Ziptrek gives guests exclusive access to areas of rare and untouched ancient coastal temperate rainforest. All this only minutes away from Whistler Village.

Ziplining is a year-round high-flying adventure. Whistler features five zipline adventures from which to choose, brought to you by Ziptrek and The Adventure Group. Review your options below and book with us to save on your next adventure.

Superfly Ziplines
The Adventure Group

Superfly lets you experience the exhilarating feeling of soaring through the air while enjoying the breathtaking beauty of Cougar Mountain.

Bear Tour by Ziptrek
Ziptrek Ecotours

This is Ziptrek’s legendary and original tour! Zip over the valley between Whistler and Blackcomb mountains while experiencing stunning aerial vistas above Fitzsimmons Creek.

Eagle Tour
Ziptrek Ecotours

This tour features five different ziplines, including a 2400 ft zipline with a 30-storey descent, perfect for anyone who wants a heart-pounding adventure!