road cycling

Road Cycling

Whistler has quickly established itself as a road cycling hot spot. Thanks to our varied road terrain, road cyclists can choose from a number of scenic cycling routes in and around the Whistler area. The highways and roads servicing Whistler are regularly maintained for a smooth ride during your cycling adventure.

Road Cycling Events

Whistler hosts two annual road biking events that attract thousands of visitors to the area.

  • RBC GranFondo – Cycle from Vancouver to Whistler during this popular road biking event. The event closes down a lane of the Sea to Sky highway for safe passage along this 144-kilometre journey.
  • Big Gusti – This limited event is capped at 70 cyclists and involves riders completing a lap from Whistler to the Callaghan Valley. This event is partnered with a finish line BBQ, followed by a grand dinner in the evening.

Popular Road Cycling Routes

Olympic Park

Length: 27 km | Accumulated Elevation Gain: 520 m

A Whistler favourite, Olympic Park follows along the Sea to Sky highway until you take a detour up the Whistler Callaghan Valley. The ride provides spectacular views of the Callaghan Valley the site of the Olympic Ski Jumping and Nordic events. Due to its remote location, the road along the Callaghan Valley sees subdued traffic, providing ideal road biking conditions during the summer.

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Length 32 km | Accumulated Elevation Gain: 245 m (Accumulated Elevation loss: 645 m)

The route to Pemberton provides cyclists with a roadway mostly downhill. The highway sees steady traffic during the summer months so road awareness and reflective clothing is a must. As an added convenience the road is serviced by a regular bus allowing you to ride one way and catch the bus back.

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Stay local with Whistler’s excellent Valley loop. Start from the Village then head north to Emerald, and back through Alpine Meadows to Alta Lake road. Ride south past Rainbow Park and up to the top of Stonebridge. Continue south on Alta Lake Road, crossing Hwy99 to the climb up Kadenwood. From here the ride head back north to the Village, taking in the climbs of Bear Ridge, Taluswood, Panorama Ridge, Base 2, and up Painted Cliff road.

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Duffey Lake

Length: 30 km | Accumulated Elevation Gain: 1118 m

Get your quads ready for the ultimate climb! Start your journey in the community of Pemberton until you get to the base of the Duffey Lake Road. This is when the real fun begins, from the base of the Duffey to the turn around at Joffre Lake Provincial Park you will climb 1,000 meters in 15 kilometres. Depending on your fitness level you can even continue the journey beyond Joffre Lakes to the community of Lillooet and an additional 68 kilometres.

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Length: 51 km | Accumulated Elevation Gain: 600 m (Accumulated Elevation loss: 1290 m)

The ride from Whistler to Squamish sees heavy traffic, although recent upgrades to the highway have created a wider shoulder suitable for road cycling. Most of the ride is downhill, but be aware of strong winds into the rider that can slow your ascent. This ride is great training ground for upcoming RBC Gran Fondo.

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